Business Short Learning Programs

The ABC of Digital

Digital Tech 4 Young 3-7 Years

Digital Literacy

Coding & Robotics 4 Kids

National Certificates: End User Computing

National Certificate: Technical Support

Change Management

Recognition of Prior Learning

Skills Audits & Analysis

IT & Projects Implementations

Programme Outcomes

  • The programme has achieved unequalled success in providing learners with access to high-quality part-time education through its ICT Incubator programme.
  • Certificates of Competence issued upon successful completion of assessments and moderations.
  • Since its inception, the average pass rate achieved by learners is 95%. Additionally, an average of 75% have achieved university entrance.
  • Learners who are accepted into tertiary institutions tend to remain there until the end of their studies.
  • They do not contribute to the 80% dropout rate statistic for first year students.
  • The main reason for this is that they are relatively well versed in English, and understand the importance of time management and that hard work and commitment lead to success. This is partly due to the intensive career guidance programme.